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Consultancy Services

The team at Learning with Place are available as consultants. Please contact us so we can co-design a consultancy responsive to your needs and local Place. 


Learning with Place framework can be used to guide change with any organisation. 


Research based on Learning with Place generates new knowledges focused on positive climate action. 


Learning with Place builds a network of like-minded collaborators who work to address climate change.

Playing with Place Services

Playing with Place is an outdoor education program that can be implemented through multiple ways. Please see below or contact us for further information.


Subscription services are available and include to the Playing with Place App, online asynchronous professional development course, license to the online Playing with Place Hub, professional development webinar series, and Playing with Place kits and resources.


Playing with Place can be implemented through the Playing with Place game, books, and app. For subscriptions members, products are bundled into a kit.


Playing with Place is available to partner with educational services, schools, organisations, and corporations. For further information, please contact us directly. 

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