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A Framework for Change


Acknowledgement of Country

We begin by acknowledging that the land where the research informing Learning with Place was completed is on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Wadawurrung people. We pay our respect to their Ancestors, Elders and families who are the traditional custodians of this Land. We pay our respect to the deep knowledges embedded within First Nations communities and the ongoing connection of, and care for Country. We also acknowledge that connections with Creek and Park provoke learning with Wattle, Lorikeet, Heron and many others as we learn with, and care for Sky Country, the Waterways and the Land.


Learning with Place is an innovative framework which activates a process for change. Specifically, the Learning with Place framework foregrounds the local environment as an active place to inform practices, policies, and decision-making with the long-term goal of generating changes in climate action attitudes and behaviours. Learning with Place is inclusive of local knowledges and stories, histories and living multispecies (for example, landforms, waterways, animals, insects, flora, and fauna). Through the Learning with Place framework, deep relationships with the local Place are generated and these relationships become the catalyst for actions and decision-making regarding caring for/with local place across multiple disciplines/fields.  


Learning with Place can be implemented through Consultancy or Playing with Place Outdoor Education Program. Please click through each option below for more information. 

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outdoor education program

Television Series: Walking with Lilly

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As we know the lack of relationship between humans and the planet contribute to climate change. This game documents sustainability and biodiversity behaviours and attitudes of the user needs in order to build a deep relationship with the planet. Uniquely, the game offers ways to further build behaviours and attitudes needed to contribute to positive climate action. 


Utilising practices generated through research, these books share ways to think, listen, and act with the local environment. 


This geo-locating app challenges users to build their knowledge and understandings of the local environment including stories, knowledges, histories. 


Out and About

This qualitative research is located in regional and urban Victoria, Australia, and entails teachers, children and researchers walking and spending extended periods of time with the local environment.


Out and About
with Kulin Seasons

As part of the Out and About research, this project documents the Kulin Seasons through the experiences of young children, teachers, and researchers with the local environment. 


Teaching and Learning towards Community Environmental Action

This research engages with schools and early childhood centres in Australia and the United States to generate teaching and learning practices that build deep relationships with the local environment and involve children, teachers, and community members. 


Dr Catherine Hamm

Associate Professor Jeanne Marie Iorio

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